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Full text of "Muscle Shoals Baptist Association Minutes 1898"

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Birmingham, Alabama 

Muscle Shoals Baptist Association 

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Birmingham, Alabama 

Muscle Shoals Baptist Association 

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Muscle Shoals Baptist Association 


Enon Baptist Church, Lawrence County, Ala., 

Sept. 29, $0, and Oct. 1, 2, 1898. 

Eld. W. T. COBBS, Moderator Falkville, Ala. 

Eld. JOS. SHACKELFORD, Clerk Danville, Ala. 

W. D. IRWIN, Treasurer ...Moulton, Ala. 

Executive Board, Moulton, Ala. 
A. W. Bailey, John N. Jackson, J. M. Shoemaker, 

J. N. Brago, H. B. Irwin, J. M. Sandlin, 

Wm. East, W. D. Irwin, J. C. Tidwell, 

Dr. J. M. Kitchens, J. G. Orr, J. A. Walker, 

Jordan White. 

Board of Ministerial Education. 

J. C. Hard wick, J. M. Kitchens, Byrd Gibson, J. G. Obr, 
Joseph Sandlin, Josephus Shackelford, J. T. Wallace. 

Thos. Gilbkht, Phixtkr asd M akufacturikg Statiohxb. 




The delegates from the churches composing the Seventy-ninth Annual 
Session of the Muscle Shoals Association of Baptists, convened with 
the Enon Baptist Church, Lawrence county, Alabama, on Thursday, 
September 29, 1898, at 11 o'clock a. m. 

Eld. A. W. Briscoe preached the Introductory Sermon; text, 2 Cor. iv. 
7: "But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of 
the power may be of God, and not of us." It was a good sermon, and 
well received by the brethren. 

After the sermon, the congregation was dismissed for one hour, for 
refreshments. Prayer by Bro. W. T. Cobbs. 


The Association met at the appointed time. Eld. J. L Stockton con- 
ducted the devotional exercises, after which the former Moderator, Eld. 
R. T. Wear, called the Association to order. Eld. Jos. Shackelford, the 
former Clerk, took his place at the Clerk's table. Bros. J. C. Tidwell, 
Marion Briscoe, and Vera Shoemaker, were appointed Reading Clerks. 

The Moderator then called for the letters from the churches. The 
following churches sent letters, which were read, and the names of the 
delegates enrolled : 

Bethel— F. M. Reeves. 

Bethany— T. W. Owen, A. M Crisler. 

Blue Spring — Letter — no delegate. 

Cave Spring — James Ratliffe. 

Central, New Decatur— R. M Stickler, O. F. Wright. 

Centre drove — Letter — no delegate. 

Cherry Hill — Letter — no delegate. 

Danville — Jos. Shackelford, E. D. Stephenson, Marion Briscoe. 

Decatur j First — Letter sent after Association — no delegate. 

Enon— J. T. Wallace, F. N. McMillan, J. H. Sullivan. 

Friendship — Jas. Walker, J. H. Norwood. 

FaOviUe— W. T. Cobbs, T. L. Simpson, J. C. Tidwell. 

Gum Spring (£)— W. H. Muston, A. R. Holbrooks. 

Gum Spring ( M )— Wm. Roan, D. 6. Roan. 

Harmony— W. & Howell, John S. Howell. 

HarUeUe—J. C. Orr, J. D. McCanahan, E P. McCanahan. 

HiUsboro—JL W. Bailey. 

HopeweU— J. H. Hembree, J. J. Sandlin, F. H. Orr. 

Darlington — Letter — no delegate. 

Lebanon— W. H. Junkins, H. C. Barkley. 

Macedonia IF)— J. M. Chenault, T. N. Vinson. 

Macedonia ( M )— W. B. Brothers, R. L. McCullock, J. Frederick. 

MouUon— Vera Shoemaker, Ed Spain. 

Mt. Zion (Z)— J. L. Bichey, Felix Campbell, R M. Vines. 

Jft. Nebo (M )— T. F. Witt. 

Mt. Nebo {F)— Wm. East; G. W. Hargett. 

Mt. Hope — E. J. Barksdale, A. C. Messer, J. S. Gibson. 

Mt. Pi»gah—G. H. Hughes, B. B. Day. 

New Hope— J. W. Horton. 

New Prospect — M. A. Masterson, Jonathan Sandlin. 

New Friendstiip—Yr. E. Wright, D. K. Kirbow. 

New Centre — J. N. Holloway. 

New Decatur — Frank Utter. 

Pleasant Grove — J. J. Ch arch well, J. P. Pearson, Bash Stockton. 

Pleasant Hill (Z)— B. M. Atkins, W. A. Murray, W. S. Jones. 

Pleasant Hill {M) — J. Gunn, George Bussell, Taylor Boger. 

Russellville — Peter Clay, J. O. A. Pace, J. M. Orman. 

Rocky Creek— J. C. Allison, J. M. Chiles, J. T. Woodard. 

Somerville — T. H. Johnson. 

Salem— E. T. Weathernox, T. P. Key. 

Shady Grove — J. W. Livingston, J. S. Boper, J. S. Howell. 

Town Creek— B. T. Wear, B. L. Quinn, J. M. Armour. 

Trinity— J. I. Stockton, J. W. Bass, T. W. Williams. 

Okolona — Van Hall, Louis Stubbs. 

Etha — J. A. Perkins, W. G. Holmes. 

Shoal Greek— 3. L Wright. 

There being no other letters presented, the Moderator announced that 
the Association would proceed to the election of its officers. 

Bros. H. B. Irwin and Peter Clay were appointed tellers to hold the 

There were some brethren present who were delegates from churches, 
but the letters had not come in. On motion, by unanimous consent, 
they were allowed to take part in the organization of the Association. 

During the counting of the vote, the brethren engaged in singing. 

The tellers announced that Eld. W. T. Cobbs was elected Moderator, 
and Eld. Joskphus Shackelford Clerk. 

The Moderator-elect returned his thanks for the honor conferred, and 
asked the brethren to assist him in his duties. The Clerk also returned 
thanks for the continued manifestation of confidence the brethren had 
in him, and made some explanation about the minutes sent out to the 
churches, and requested all clerks or pastors of churches to notify him 
when they failed to get their minutes. 

On motion of Eld. J. Gunn, the Order of Business as printed in the 
minutes of last year, was adopted as the Order of Business for this session. 

Petitionary Letters. 

On a call for petitionary letters, one was presented from Bellview 
Baptist Church, Lawrence county. 

On motion, the church was received, and the hand of fellowship was 
extended by the Moderator to the delegates, and their names enrolled 
as follows: W. W. Boger and J. P. Wade. 


Correspondents were called for from other bodies None appeared. 
Visiting brethren were invited to seats. 


The Moderator appointed the following Committees: 

On Devotional Exercises — Pastor and deacons of Enon Church, and 
Bros. J. C. Orr and K. B. Day. 

State of ReUoion-^J. O. A. Pace, Willie Howell, F. M. Reeves. 

Deceased Ministers— R. T. Wear, J. J. Churchwell, Jos. Pearson. 

Finance Committee— -H. B. Irwin, J. C. Tidwell, Wm. East. 

On motion, the Association adjourned until 9 o'clock a. m. Friday. 
Prayer by Eld. B. L. Quinn. 


Friday, September 30, 1898. 
The Association met pursuant to adjournment. The devotional exer- 
cises were conducted by Eld. J. O. A. Pace. 

The minutes of yesterday were read and approved, except the calling 
of the roll, which was deferred until the afternoon session. 

Miscellaneous Business. 

On motion of Eld. J. I. Stockton, the hour of 10 to 11 a. m. was made 
a special hour for the consideration of the interest of the Ministerial 
Institute Board. 


Eld. J. Gunn offered the following query : "Is it right for a church to 
grant a letter in full fellowship to an applicant, when the want of 
fellowship is the cause of the application?" 

On motion of Eld. J. Shackelford, it was answered, "It is not." 

Bro. Wm. East presented the following query: "What charge ought 
to be preferred against a member of a church who leaves his church to 
join another, without a letter, saying that he would not have a letter 
from his church, and would not take it if it were offered to him? And 
what charge should be preferred against a minister of the gospel who 
would urge such action upon the part of a member? And what course 
should a church pursue towards such a member and such a preacher?" 

After some discussion, on motion of Eld. J. I. Stockton, a Committee 
of three was appointed to prepare an answer to the queries, and report 
the same to the Association. The Committee consisted of Bros. J. L 
Stockton, Peter Clay, and J. C. Orr. 

Belayed Letters. 
Letters were read during the morning from the following churches 
and the names of the delegates enrolled : New Friendship, New Centre, 
Shoal Creek, Pleasant Hill, Hillsboro, Hopewell, Salem, New Decatur 
(First), Mt Nebo (M), Bethany. 


The Moderator announced the following 

Committee on Documents— J. D. McClanahan, James Ratliffe, W. W. 
And Bro. J. Gunn, to fill the vacancy on Committee on Home Missions. 

The School at Danville. 
The report of the Board of Trustees of the Danville School, was read 
by the Clerk as follows : 

The Board of Trustees of the North Alabama Baptist Collegiate Insti- 
tute and Normal School, at Danville, Ala , offer this their Sixth Annual 
Report to the Muscle Shoals Association: The school closed its fifth ses- 
sion in May last, with a total enrollment of 118 pupils. We had five 
graduates in the English course at the last commencement. 

The Trustees elected as President of the school Rev. Jos. Shackelford, 
with the authority to select his own assistants. The school is now in 
progress under his charge, with Miss Emma Shackelford as Principal of 
the Primary and Preparatory Departments, and Miss Susie Shackelford 
teacher of music. Other teachers will be employed as the needs of the 
school may demand. 

The session opened on the 5th inst. We have enrolled, up to this 
date, 52 pupils, and the prospect is that the number will be materially 
increased by the first of November. Our patronage from a distance is 
not as good as it was last session at this time. We can only attribute 
this to the failure on the part of Baptists to appreciate their obligation 
and duty to sustain their own institutions of learning by giving them 
their patronage. Baptists do not patronize our school. We offer as good 
facilities for imparting instruction as any school within the bounds of 
your Association; we except none. Our teachers are as competent, our 
prices are exceedingly moderate, and we have as healthy locality as any, 
where there is as good a school. We propose to give thorough instruc- 
tion. Ours is a Christian school. If Baptists do not send us their 
children, can wo expect those not Baptists to patronize the school? The 
President of the school offers one scholarship to the Association, the 
pupil to be selected by the Executive Board of the Association. This 
scholarship gives free tuition for the present session to one pupil. We 
trust that the Executive Board will select some needy young lady or 
young man who will avail herself or himself of this generous offer. 

During the past session we had five young ministers attending the 
school. Two of them were beneficiaries of your Association. One of 
the primary objects of this school is to educate young ministers. Young 
men who have the ministry in view, can prepare themselves here, 
either to enter Howard College, in the junior class, or the Seminary, at 
Louisville, Ky. They can do this at a much less expense, compared to 
what they would have to pay if this preparation was made at East Lake. 

We respectfully notify you that the term of the following Trustees 
expires at this session of your body, viz: W. H. Simpson, J. C. Tidwell 
and G. C. Hard wick. Their places will have to be filled, either by re- 
election or the appointment of others. Respectfully submitted, 

Josephus Shackelford, President. 

T. L. Baker, Secretary. 

On motion to adopt, the School matter was discussed by Bros. J. Shack- 
elford, E. D. Stephenson, A. W. Briscoe and William East. The report 
was then adopted as above. 

On motion, Bros. M. Briscoe, R. L. Quinn and G. W. Harget were 

appointed a committee to suggest the names of the Trustees to be 

A letter was presented from a new church, Moulton Heights Baptist 
Church, asking for admittance into this body. On motion, the church 
was received and the hand of fellowship extended by the Moderator 
to the delegate and his name enrolled as follows: C. C. Hall. 

Report of Executive Board, 

Bro. H. B. Irwin, President of the Executive Board, read the report 
of the Board, which was adopted, as follows: 

Dear Brethren: The first meeting of your Board was held at Moulton 
on October 14, 1897. Members present: Bros. J. G. Orr, J. M. Kitchens, 
Jourdan White, J. M. Shoemaker, H. B. Irwin, W. D. Irwin, J. N. 
Bragg, J. A. Walker and J. M. Sandlin. Bros. Jo*. Shackelford and 
J. W. Sandlin were present with us at this meeting. 

On motion, Bro. H. B. Irwin was elected President of the Board, and 
J. M. Sandlin, Secretary. It having come to the notice of the Board 
that the Association had overlooked the appointment of a Board of Min- 
isterial Education, on motion the Board appointed the old Board of 
Ministerial Education, as follows: Jos. Shackelford, J. M. Kitchens, J. J. 
Sandlin, J. G. Orr, J. T. Wallace, G. C. Hardwick and Byrd Gibson. 

On motion, the Board agreed to give Centre Grove Church, Morgan 
county, $40 to assist them in paying iheir pastor, Bro. J. D. McClanahan. 
The Board also agreed to pay New Friendship Church $25, provided the 
church pay an equal amount. The Board also employed Bro. Shackel- 
ford to continue nis work as Missionary until December 1, 1897, at the 
rate of $40 per month for time actually engaged in the. work. 

The Board met again on February 25, 1898. Members present: A. W. 
Bailey, J. G. Orr, J. M. Shoemaker, Jourdan White, J. N. Bragg, W. D. 
Irwin, J. M. Sandlin. Bro. A. W. Bailey was made temporary chairman. 

On motion of Bro. Jourdan White, the Board agreed to open the 
stated meetings of the Board with prayer. The Board employed Bro. 
Jos. Shackelford to work as Missionary from the 1st of April till the first 
meeting of the Board in June, at the same rate he had been working 

At a called meeting, April 26, 1898, the Board employed Bro. J. O. A. 
Pace as Missionary, to work within the bounds of the Association, to 
commence the 1st of June and continue until the Association, at the 
rate of $30 per month for time actually employed in the work. Bro. 
A. W. Briscoe was also employed to do missionary and evangelistic work 
at same rate, and commencing and ending at same time as Bro. Pace. 
Bro. J. Gunn was also employed at this meeting to do work in a certain 
portion of the Association at $20 per month, commencing June 1st and 
ending at meeting of the Association. 

At a called meeting held July 15, 1898, Bro. Vera Shoemaker was 
employed at a salary of $20 per month to aid Bro. Gunn and churches 
holding protracted meetings, commencing work August 1st and contin- 
uing until the Association. 

We are not able to give a full report of the work of the Missionaries 
and Evangelists employed, on account of not receiving their monthly 
reports, as required. Bros. Pace and Shackelford are the only ones who 
have made full reports. We refer you for information as to work done, 
to the reports of the Missionaries. 

Your Board has changed its policy somewhat in employing more Mis- 
sionaries, and at a time of year when they can reach more people. The 
reports of our Missionaries are encouraging. The Board has assisted 



two churches in employing pastors. If our action in this does not meet 
the approval of the Association we would be glad to know it, as we wish 
to do that which is best and approved by your body. 

Respectfully submitted, H. B. Irwin, Chairman. 

J. M. Sandlin, Secretary. 

Committee on Nominations. 

On motion of Jos. Shackelford, the Moderator was authorized to ap- 
point a Committee on Nominations, whose duty it shall be to nominate 
the different Boards of this Association, and other officers not elected by 
ballot, and the preacher of the Introductory Sermon and his alternate, 
and report the same to this Association for its approval. 

On motion, the Association adjourned for one hour. Prayer by Eld. 
J. J. Church well. 


The Association met pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by Eld. E. J. 

Correspondents to Other Bodies. 

The Association appointed correspondents to the following bodies with 
which it corresponds : 

To Florence Association— J. O. A. Pace, W. S. Jones, E. D Stephenson. 

Liberty— J. S. Gibson, J. I. Stockton, W. T. Cobbs. 

Big Bear Creek— John Chenault, J. 0. A. Pace, J. 8. Gibson, Peter 

Golbert-Jj. E. Stubbs, J. A. Henry, R. L. Quinn. 

Cullman— J C. Orr, T. L. Simpson, E. D. Stephenson. 

Alabama Baptist State Convention— Job. Shackelford, M. Briscoe, J. C. 
Orr, R. M. Stnckler, E. D. Stephenson, F. C. David. 

Southern Baptist Convention— -E. D. Stephenson; J. Shackelford, al- 

The Moderator announced the names of the Committee on Nomina- 
tions as follows : J. I. Stockton, George Norwood, and G. H. Hughes. 

Report of Board of Ministerial Education. 

The report of the Board of Ministerial Education was read and adopted, 
m follows : 

Dear Brethren — The first meeting of your Board was held at Dan- 
ville, October 18, 1897. Members present, Bros. J. G. Orr, J. M. Kitchens, 
G. C. Hard wick, J. T. Wallace and Jos. Shackelford. Bro. J. G. Orr 
was elected President, and Jos. Shackelford, Secretary and Treasurer. 

The Secretary made a statement of the amount owing, which was 
$14.35; and also of the amount pledged by the churches for ministerial 
education at the last session of the Association, which amount was 
about $200. 

A. W. Briscoe and J. L. Richev were received as beneficiaries of the 
Board, and $100 of the amount pledged was appropriated to Bro. Richey 
and $75 to Bro. Briscoe, and $25 to the payment of half tuition of these 
brethren at the Danville school. 

The Secretary was also authorized to pay for stamps and postal cards, out 
of any money in the treasury, when corresponding in the interest of the 

Bros. Briscoe and Richey attended the Danville School during the 


last session. They have not quite finished the English course in this 
school. We therefore recommend that the Association assist them for 
another session. They are worthy young men, and give promise of 
making good and influential ministers of the gospel. 

The churches have not responded to the calls of our Secretary this 
year as promptly as they did last year, hence our Board finds itself in 
debt $118.92, with a small balance of indebtedness of last year of $4.25, 
making a total indebtedness of $123.17. The amount of pledges due the 
Ministerial Educational Fund from churches, Sunday Schools and indi- 
viduals, is about $110, and if we could secure the unpaid pledges of 1896, 
we would have enough to pay our indebtedness. To sustain the two 
brethren mentioned above at school for the next session, will require 
about $175 We ought to raise at this meeting $200 for ministerial edu- 
cation, provided the pledges are all paid, and more if they are not. 

We refer you to the Treasurer's report, which accompanies this report, 
for information concerning the receipts and expenditures of moneys. 
Respectfully submitted, J. G. Orb, President. 

Jos. Shackelford, Secretary. 

Report of Treasurer of Board of Ministerial Education. 

Jos. Shackelford, Treasurer, 
In Account with Board of Ministerial Education. 


To Cash from Russellville Church $ 

First Church, Decatur 

Bros. Roan and Reid, $2; collect' ns, $5.41 
Bro. Hays, Falkville, $1; HVpmll Chuck, $5.50 

W. D. Irwin, Treasurer Association 

Harmony Church, J. A. Walker 

Danville Church 

Mrs. McClanahan, pledge of 1896 

Miss Hutchinson 

Central Baptist S. S., New Decatur .• 

Bro. Williamson, Hopewell Church 

J. A. Thomason 

Moulton Church 

Moulton Baptist Sunday School 

Hart8elle Baptist Sunday School 

Jos. Shackelford. 

Pleasant Grove Church 

Okolona Church, per W. D. Irwin 

James Ratliffe, pledge 

Blue Spring Church 

Pleasant Hill Church 

Town Creek Ch., $7.85; and S. 8., $2.50.. 

Macedonia Church (F) 

R. T. Wear, pledge 

M. W. Orr, pledge 

New Decatur First Baptist Church 

Trinity Church 

Danville Church, per E. D. Stephenson. 
Danville Church, per G. C. Hardwick... 
Town Creek Church 


Sept. 30, 

To Cash 


Sept. 30, 



Oct. 1, 



Oct. 1, 



Oct. 1, 



Oct. 1, 



Oct. 9, 



Nov. 1, 



Nov. 1, 



Nov. 9, 



Nov. 10, 



Dec. 11, 




Jan. 26, 



Jan. 26, 



Feb. 19, 



Feb. 22, 



Feb. 25, 



Mar. 30, 



Mar. 30, 



April — , 



April — , 



April — , 



April — , 



April — , 



April — , 



April — , 
May — , 



June — , 



June — , 



June — , 



June — , 



Sept. 28, 



Sept. 28, 



5 00 

5 00 

7 41 

6 50 

48 05 

1 00 

3 20 


1 00 

5 00 

1 00 

5 00 

5 00 

2 50 

2 50 

5 00 

3 00 

2 80 

1 00 

3 00 

1 90 

10 35 

2 24 

2 50 

1 00 

10 00 
2 50 

Mt. Hope Church 

Somerville Church. 

Danville Church, per Bro. Petty 


Total $158 10 



Report of Treasurer of Board of Ministerial Education. 

Jos. Shackelford, Treasurer, 
In Account with Board of Ministerial Education. 

1897. CONTRA. 

Oct. 1, By Am't Paid R. L. Quinn v ••"•— * *« S 

Oct. 1 " " J. L. Richey, per J. G. Orr 8 80 

Oct. 1, " " R. L. Quinn 10 25 

Oct. 1, " " J. L. Richey • J 39 

Oct. 1, " " J. E. Tobb, per Charles Speak 26 30 

Nov. 16, M " J. L. Richey, 12.60; A. W. Briscoe, $3.60, 6 00 

Dec. 4, " " J. L. Richey, $8; A. W.Briscoe, $8 6 00 

Dec. 20, " " A. W. Briscoe, per Jos. Shackelford 5 00 

1898. - m 

Jan. 26, " M J. L. Richey J 00 

Jan. 26, " " A. W. Briscoe • i 00 

Feb. 19 " M J. L. Richey, $1.50; A. W. Briscoe, $7.67, 9 17 

Mar. 80, " M J. L. Richey, $2.50; and on Feb. 25, $2... 4 M) 

April 1, M " J. L. Richey 10 00 

April 1, M " A. W. Briscoe, per Jos. Shackelford. 18 49 

May 1, " M J. L. Richey, per Barnes 4 10 

May 1, " " A. W. Briscoe, per Jos. Shackelford. 5 00 

j nne — , " " J. L. Richev, per E. D. Stephenson, $2, ) 4 m 

and G. C. Hardwick, $2. > 

July 16, " " J. L. Richey, per G. Freeman 2 00 

Julv 16, " M J. L. Richey, per Doss......... 1 00 

July 16, " " J. L. Richey, per E. D. Stephenson 2 50 

July 16, " M A. W. Briscoe, per Jos. Shackelford 6 50 

" " for Stamps and Postal Cards ^ 75 

$157 13 
Balance Due Fund • W 

$158 10 

Reports of Missionaries. 

The Moderator called for the reports of Missionaries, which were read 
and adopted, as follows: 


Dear Brethren: I was selected to labor in the bounds of the Muscle 
Shoals Association on a salary of $30 per month, beginning June 1st. I 
have confined my labors to such points as I thought there could be the 
greatest amount of good done. I assisted Bro. Blackman in a meeting 
at New Hope, which resulted in thirty conversions and accessions to the 
church. The church was greatly revived. I held a protracted meeting 
at Mission Grove, where I hope much good was accomplished. I have 
not taken up collections, in order to break down the prejudice that 
exists against the Missionary; for many think that he is sent out to col- 
lect money. The Board furnished me $10 to buy Bibles with which to 
begin my work. The following is a report of my work for the four 
months in which I have been engaged: Bibles and Testaments sold, 145; 
Bibles and Testaments given away, 30; miles traveled, 833; days em- 
ployed, 100; sermons preached, 77; family visits, 133; exhortations deliv- 
ered, 10; Sunday Schools addressed, 5. Received from W. D. Irwin, 
Treasurer, $85.55; from New Hope Church, $1.45; balance due, $15. 

Respectfully submitted, J. O. A. Pace. 



I was employed by the Board to preach for four months. I have com- 
plied by preaching five months to the destitute and weak churches. 
Dunne this time I have done the following work: Sermons preached, 
80; lectures delivered, 11; baptized, 28; baptized by othere m connection 
with my work, 18; total baptisms, 44; profession of faith in Christ, 81; 
received by letter, 56; restored to fellowship, 6; attended prayer meet- 
ings, 20; attended Sunday Schools, 9; assisted in protracted meetings, 7; 
visited families, 118; organized churches, 2— one at Moulton Heights, 
and one at Wolftown. I have put in my time in the destitution in Mor- 
gan and Lawrence counties, and preached some to weak churches. 1 
have had nothing else to do, or that I could do, except to preach two 
sermons per month at Pleasant Hill Church, and on Sunday night of 
same day to preach as Missionary. I have done the best I could, but 
could not supply the destitution. I have not called uponthe Board for 
any money, and have not received any, and only expect $20 a month for 
four months out of the five months' labor. 

Submitted, J- Gtom - 


Dear Brethren: I was employed by your Executive Board to preach 
at Centre Grove Baptist Church as a Missionary pastor, at a salary of 
$40. When I commenced work at this point, I found this church m a 
dilapidated condition. I called the church together and established my 
appointments, and have had regular preaching. The church is now ui 
a very good spiritual condition. I also preached at Ryan'sCross Roads 
four months. This is five miles south of Centre Grove. We have had 
good congregations at each place. We had a meeting in this month, 
which lastedseven days. We had the assistance of Bro. J. E. Weaver, 
and a young brother, Damerson, from Georgia. There was good preach- 
ing,, and we trust that good results will follow. This church is unable 
tosupport a pastor, and I recommend that our Board assist this church 
another year, otherwise it will be overcome by other influences. 1 feel, 
however, that it is in a condition to get on rising ground. I have re- 
ceived from your Board $20, last March; April 14th, $2 from Sisters 
Fannie and Ettie Johnson; from the Hartselle Baptist Church, $18. 
Total, $40. Respectfully submitted, J. D. McClanahan. 


Dear Brethren: I was employed by your Executive Board to labor 
in the eastern part of Lawrence county and in Morgan county, begin- 
ning August 1st, at $20 per month for time actually engaged. The fol- 
lowing is a report of my labors: Family visits made, 92; sermons 
preached, 45; prayer meetings held, 20; exhortations delivered, 50; con- 
versions witnessed, 45; Sunday Schools organized, 1; time actually en- 
gaged, 56 days. Cash received from Cave Springs Church, $5.55; bal- 
ance due, $31.78. Respectfully submitted^ ^ g HOKMAKJIB . 


Dear Brethren: I herewith submit my report of work done by me 
as your Missionary during the months of October, November, Decem- 
ber, 1897, and April and May, 1898: Days actually employed, 30; ser- 
mons preached, 22; miles traveled, 244; addresses delivered, 2; family 
visits made, 38; Bibles and Testaments sold, value, $15.20; other books 
Bold, value, $3; subscribers to Alabama Baptet obtained, 3; money col- 
lected for Missions, $9.93; for Ministerial Education, $5.90. Received 
pavment for my services, $38.66. Respectfully submitted, 

*^ J J Jos. Shackelford. 



On motion, the hour of 11 a. m. to-morrow was made the special hour 
for the consideration of the reports on Missions and the discussion of 
the same. 

On motion of Bro. R. T. Wear, the first hour of the afternoon session 
to-morrow was made the special hour for the consideration of Minis- 
terial Education and Education generally. 

State of Religion. 
The Committee on State of Religion submitted their report, which 
was adopted, as follows: 

Your Committee on State of Religion beg leave to report: From the 
reading of the letters, and other sources of information, it appears that 
the spiritual condition of many of our churches is greatly improved. 
Some have reported gracious revivals of religion, and an ingathering of 
many precious souls. We are sorry to have to report that some of the 
churches report a low state of religion; yet, in taking a survey of the 
entire field, we believe that we are on rising ground. There are more 
agencies for good than we have ever known before, and we believe that 
our spiritual condition is improving. 

Respectfully submitted, J. O. A. Pack, 

W. S. Howell 

Deceased Ministers. 
The report on Deceased Ministers was read by Bro. R. T. Wear, and 
was adopted by a rising vote, as follows: 

Your Committee on Deceased Ministers announce with sadness the 
death of our beloved brother, T. R. Bragg, since the last meeting of this 
body. Our brother preached the gospel of Christ 23 years— about 10 
vears in the State of Texas, and tiie remaining years in this Association. 
Naturally retiring in his manner, yet strong in the faith of the gospel; 
well versed and sound in the truth of God's Word; tender ana affec- 
tionate as a husband and father; true as a friend. In his death we have 
sustained a great loss. We recommend his grief-stricken children and 
relatives to the blessed Christ, whom he preached, for comfort and con- 
solation. _ We suggest that this Association suspend business for a few 
minutes in respect to the memory of our departed brother, which, we 
believe, is so justly due. R. T. Wkak, 

J. J. Churchwell, 
Jas. T. Pearson. 

In compliance with the suggestion of the Committee, the Association 
suspended business in memory of our deceased brother, Eld. T. R. 
Bragg, and engaged in a service of song, and prayer was made by Eld. 
E. D. Stephenson. 

The question of locating the church where the next Association should 
meet was postponed, and the hour for its consideration was appointed 
to be the first business to-morrow afternoon, after the consideration of 
the subject of Ministerial Education. 

Bros. Pace and Horton presented the request for aid from New Hope 
Church, which proposes to build a new house of worship. All who can 
help are asked to do so, and send money to Clerk of New Hope Church, 
Courtland, Ala. 

Bro. J. I. Stockton presented the subject of the distribution of tracts, 


and moved that it be brought up now, which was carried. He then 
made some remarks on the subject. The matter was laid over until to- 
morrow as unfinished business. 

The Association adjourned until to-morrow at 9 a. m. Prayer by Eld. 
J. S. Gibson. 


Saturday, October 1, 1898. 
The Association met pursuant to adjournment. The devotional exer- 
cises were conducted by Eld. E. J. Barksdale. 
The minutes of yesterday were read and approved. 
The first business in order was the subject of tract distribution. Bro. 
J. I. Stockton made a report on the subject, which was discussed by Bros. 
Stockton, Shackelford, T. L. Simpson, R. M. Strickler, J. O. A. Pace and 
L. A. Wear, after which the report was adopted, a* follows: 

Your Committee of the Circulation of Baptist Literature, report, that 
last January we sent a personal appeal to every pastor in our bounds to 
present this matter to their churches, and recently we called the atten- 
tion of our churches to this matter through the Hartselle and Moulton 
papers, and have now to report that so little money has been sent up to 
this Association for this purpose, that we would recommend that this 
work be referred to the churches and the Committee discharged, unless 
this Association should take more decided steps to raise a fund to carry 
out the spirit of the original resolution. 

Respectfully submitted, J. I. Stockton. 

Ministerial Institute Work. 

The subject of Ministerial Institute Work was brought up, and Bro. 
J. I. Stockton addressed the Association in behalf of the Institute Board. 
He was followed by Bros. Jos. Shackelford, R. T. Wear and J. O. A. 
Pace, after which the following resolution, offered by Bro. Jos. Shackel- 
ford, was adopted: 

Resolved, That this Association most heartily approve the action of the 
last Baptist State Convention of Alabama in establishing the Ministerial 
Institute Board, and we urge our churches, brethren and sisters to con- 
tribute to this work, and make this Board one of the objects of their 
regular contributions. 


The hour of 11 a. m. having arrived, the subject of Missions was taken 
up, and the reports of the various Standing Committees on Missions 
were read. 

The report on Aseociational Missions was read by the Clerk. 

On State Missions, by J. I. Stockton. 

On Home Missions, by J. S. Gibson. 

On Foreign Missions, by E. D. Stephenson. 

The whole subject of Missions was then discussed, and speeches, 
limited to ten minutes, were made by Bros. Pace, E. D. Stephenson, 
L. A. Wear, R. T. Wear, Jos. Shackelford and J. S. Gibson, after which, 
at the request of the Moderator, the Clerk took up the pledges from the 
churches, Sunday Schools and individuals. 



Pledges from 

Bethel, paid F. C $ 6 00 

Cave Spring, J. Ratliffe 1 00 

Central, New Decatur 30 00 

Danville 50 00 

Enon 15 00 

Falkville.... 35 00 

Gum Spring (L), W. H, Intel.... 5 00 
Gum Spring (M), paid F C... 5 53 

Harmony 10 00 

Hillsboro 15 00 

Hopewell 10 00 

Hartselle 40 00 

Lebanon 5 00 

Macedonia (F), $1 paid on 10 00 

Macedonia (M), paidF.C 4 00 

Pleasant Hill (M) 5 00 

Town Creek 20 00 

Moulton Heights 2 50 

Bellview 7 50 


Bethany $ 1 00 

Mt. Zion ( L), J. L. Richey 5 00 

Mt. Nebo (F) 30 00 

Mt. Nebo (M) , 5 00 

Mt. Hope 20 00 

Mt Pisgah, paid F. C 12 50 

Moulton 10 00 

New Hope, paid F. C 6 50 

New Prospect r 5 00 

New Centre, paid F. C 1 00 

New Decatur, First 65 00 

Okolona (F M) 30 00 

Pleasant Grove, paid F. C. 7 86 

Russellville 10 00 

Salem 5 00 

Somerville 5 00 

Shady Grove 5 00 

Trinity, paid F. C 9 85 

$266 53 
From Sunday Schools. 

$213 71 

Central, Decatur $ 5 00 

Falkville, Tract Fund.. 2 50 

Moulton 5 00 

Moulton Heights 1 00 

$13 50 

Danville Sunday School... $ 5 00 
Hartselle Sunday School.. 5 00 
Town Creek 2 50 

$12 50 
13 50 

Total from Sunday Schoc 1 $26 00 

Individ ils. 

Dr. J. M. Kitchens, F. M., in name ot Hartselle Church, paid $ 5 00 

E.J. Barksdale, paid 50 

R. M. Atkins 1 00 

J. A. Henry • 

J. W. Murphey, paid 

George Norwood, paid 


Total from Churches 

" Sunday Schools 

*' Individuals * • 

General Collections 

Collection on Sunday 

. 1 00 

.$ 8 25 

$485 24 

26 00 

8 25 

3 67 

4 57 

Total Pledged and Paid. $527 73 

The various reports on Missions wei -^ adopted as follows: 


Associational Missions. 

Your Committee on Associational Missions report that, in our opin- 
ion, the question of Associational Missions is the foundation upon which 
hangs all of our hope for the support of all our Mission work, viz: The 
State, Home and Foreign. After hearing the reports of our Missionaries, 
we are sorry to report that there is so much destitution in our midst. 
But we thank God that there has been a great work accomplished this 
year by our Missionaries, but on account of deficiency in our funds the 
Board could only employ laborers for a short time. We would recom- 
mend that our churches come to the support of the Board with a suffi- 
ciency of money to enable the Board to employ Missionaries to fill the 
destitution within our bounds. This would be the means in the hands 
of God by which we, as an Association, would fulfill the command of 
the Saviour, to preach the gospel. If our Associational fund is short, 
our contributions to the Home and Foreign Boards will be apt to be 
short. Be it remembered that Jesus Christ said, "Ye shall be witnesses 
of me in Jerusalem and Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth." 
Jerusalem represented our Associational field; Samaria, our Home field; 
and the uttermost parts of the earth, the Foreign fields. May we be 
guided by Christ, the great Head of the Church, to do our whole duty 
in relieving the perishing. Respectfully submitted, 

J. D. McClanahan, Chairman. 

Report on State Missions. 

While the Church work of Home and Foreign Missions is binding on 
us, and we rejoice with thousands of God's servants throughout our 
great country at the untiring efforts put forth to evangelize the heathen 
in dark and benighted lands, and while we are highly gratified at the 
wonderful success of the gospel in heathen countries, yet we are made 
to see the much needed work in our own beloved State. 

One great object of State Mission work is to aid weak and struggling 
churches at important points, without which Baptist churches could not 
exist. At a number of points in the State help has been extended by 
the State Board from year to year, until many of those churches have 
become self-sustaining, and are now contributing of their means to help 
other weak churches. Churches needing help in various parts of the 
State are numerous, and are reaching out their hands to their stronger 
sister churches to render them the needed assistance. 

In the wisdom of the State Board it was believed the thing to do was 
to continue several evangelists in the field, who have been efficient in 
carrying the gospel into many destitute parts of the State, and they have 
also labored with might and main to arouse the churches generally to 
enlarge their contributions in order, not only to meet the destitution of 
our own State, but to aid all the enterprises fostered by the denom- 
ination. . 

Brethren, it is plain to every one who is informed as to our work in 
home and foreign fields, that we are merely playing at Missions. With 
our powerful denomination and vast and varied resources, what a play- 
thing we have on our hands instead of a work commensurate with the 
responsibility upon us and our ability to meet it, if we had, as the apos- 
tle says, "First a willing mind." The almost universal complaint of 
the churches all over the State, when they talk about raising moneyfor 
religious purposes, is: "What we have raised has been done by the faith- 
ful few. Only a few of us had to do all the paying." Just think of it! 
It has been estimated by those who ought to know, that out of 118,000 
white Baptists in the State of Alabama, only 12,000 pay regularly to 
Missions. Who are the other 106,000? Are they Hard Shells, or Anti- 
Missionary? Who is to blame that all this mighty host of God's servants 
are not contributing regularly to spread the gospel in all the world? The 




blame, it is said, lies at the door of us who are the pastors of the 
churches. Can Ve successfully refute the allegation and free ourselves 
from the charge? 

At Miletum, Paul called the elders of the Church together and said 
unto them: "I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of 
God." Can we, as the leaders of the churches, say as much? To declare 
all the counsel of God will require that we say no little along the line of 
our ministry about selfishness, about covetousness, about Christian sac- 
rifice, about Christian giving, about Christian benevolence, about its 
being more blessed to give than to receive. 

And a great deal ..iust be said about God's demanding of his people 
the first fruits of all their increase. Then there is that class which, 
according to Malachi, may be styled religious robbers, who withhold all 
the tithes and offerings from the Lord. God asks the astounding ques- 
tion by the mouth of his prophet: "Will a man rob God? Yet ye have 
robbed me. But ye say wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and 
offerings." Have we, as pastors, been faithful in this part of the coun- 
sel in warning the people against the awful sin of robbing God? If not, 
how can we. as God's watchman on the wall, at the end of our steward- 
ship, assert with the apostle: "I have shunned not to declare unto you 
all the counsel of God?" 

Our beloved Secretary, Dr. W. C. Bledsoe, is calling almost imploringly 
upon the churches of the State to rally with increased liberality to en- 
able the Board to meet the deficit of the last conventional year, together 
with the deficit threatening the Board in th< present years work. Let 
us of the Muscle Shoals Association help lib* .ally to meet all the press- 
ing needs of our State Mission work. 

The work, under God, in the State has pro pered this year, and it lies, 
easily, in the power of the churches, so wo> derfully blessed of God in 
temporal things, to clear away every vestige of the Board's indebtedness 
by the meeting of the Convention in November, and have a large bal- 
ance in the treasury to begin the work of another year. 

Fraternally submitted, F. C. David, Chairman. 

Home Missions. 

Your Committee on Home Missions report as follows: We are not 
posted as to the work of the Home Mission Board for the past two years. 
We are, therefore, not prepared to rive statistics, but we believe that 
the labors of the Home Board have been abundantly blessed, and that 
many precious souls have been brought from darkness to light, and from 
the kingdom of Satan into the kingdom of God's dear Son, through its 
instrumentality. Our Saviour said, just before He left the world, "Go 
ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." "Go, 
teach all nations, baptising them in the mine of the Father, Son and 
Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe allt ings whatsoever I have com- 
manded you, and lo ! I am with you alw: ys, even unto the end of the 
world;" and He commanded that repertance and remission of sins 
should be preached in His name among a nations, beginning at Jeru- 
salem. So we see that the Divine injunction is to begin at Jerusalem — 
at home — and preach the gospel in the be ders of the Association, and 
throughout the State, and then it is to be pi -ached in all the woHd for a 
witness unto all nations, until the kingdoi isof the world shall become 
the kingdoms of God and His Christ. 

Brethren, the cry still comes from Mace* Ionia, "Come over and help 
us." Let us send the gospel to those who have it not; to those who sit 
in darkness and in the region and shadow >f death. Let us not be sat- 
isfied with having it preached in our own Association and State, but let 
us send it to Cuba, and to the cities and destitute places in our own 
country, and to all the world. J. L. Richkv, Ch'n. 


Foreign Missions. 

So far as the practical work of Foreign Missions is concerned, which 
is shown from the statistics reported to the Southern Baptist Convention 
by the Board of Foreign Missions, your Committee would refer to briefly. 

Twenty years ago we had, all told, sixteen missionaries and three na- 
tive assistants, and contributions about $32,000. Ten years ago, we had 
116 missionaries and native helpers, with 1,551 members; contributions 
$80,880. Last year we had 190 missionaries and native helpers, 660 
baptisms, 4,324 members, with contributions of over $128,000. This 
showing verifies God's promise, "Lo! I am with you al way." What 
think you, brethren, Of our work for the past twenty years, compared 
with mission work previous to that time? Should we not thank God 
and take courage? In our secular business we are in the habit of ask- 
ing, "Does it pay?" Christ says that our soul is worth more than this 
world. In twenty years we have made gains amounting to more than 
4,000 such worlds as this We should certainly thank God for the suc- 
cess that has attended our efforts, and take courage, and press on to 
greater efforts to advance the kingdom of our Master. 

But, brethren, while we should exult with a holy pride at the result of 
our labors, yet we have reason to reproach ourselves because we have 
done so little Nearly nineteen hundred years ago the Lord Jesus commis- 
sioned His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel to 
every creature, and yet we are not over more than one-third of the field. 
With this showing, how can we face God when called to render to Him 
an account of our stewardship? Shall we not give the gospel car a more 
energetic shove ? Will we not show to God and a lost world a greater 
appreciation of the gospel, "which is the power of God unto salvation," 
by greater efforts to send it to the whole world? 

, T V. Shoemaker, 

£. D. Stephenson. 

Adjourned for one hour. Prayer by Bro. R. T. Wear. 


The Association assembled at the appointed time. Prayer by Bro. 

The Committee appointed to answer the query proposed by Bro. Wm. 
East, reported the following answer, which was adopted: 

Your Committee, appointed to answer Bro. Wm. East's query, would 
advise the church to which the member referred to belongs, to prefer 
charges against said member for contempt of church, and withdraw 
fellowship from him. Also, we advise the church to which the preacher 
referred to belongs, to take the same steps towards him. 

J. I. Stockton, 
J. C. Orb, 
Peter Clay. 


The report on Ministerial Education was read by Bro. Jos. Shackel- 
ford, and the report on Education was read by Bro. J. C. Tidwell. The 
discussion of the subject of education, both ministerial and general, was 
participated in by Bros. J. C. Orr, Jos. Shackelford and Strickler, after 
which the Moderator took pledges for Ministerial Education as follows: 




Central, New Decatur. $ 5 00 

Central S. S., New Decatur..... 5 00 

Danville 10 00 

Enon 2 50 

Falkville 1 00 

Harmony 2 00 

Hopewell 5 00 

Hartselle 5 00 

Macedonia (F) 2 00 

Macedonia (M) 100 

Mt. Nebo (F) 5 00 

Bethany 1 00 

Isabell 2 50 

Moulton $10 00 

Mt Hope. 5 00 

Moulton Sunday School... 5 00 

New Decatur, First, 10 00 

Okolona 2 00 

Russellville S. S 5 00 

Salem; 1 00 

Somerville 2 50 

Pleasant Hill (M) 2 00 

Shady Grove 1 00 

Town Creek. 10 00 

Town Creek S. S. 2 50 

Trinity, paid F. C 2 00 

$47 00 


$58 00 

Jos. Shackelford $ 5 00 

J. A. Thomason 10 00 

G. II. Hughes, paid 1 00 

Frank Orr, paid. 1 00 

N. D Wright 3 00 

Jem e Wear 50 

Miss E. P. Chiles 1 00 

Hat Collection 8 77 

T. H. Johnson. $ 2 50 

E. D. Stephenson and wife, 2 50 

Sim Orr, paid 100 

J. T. Wallace..... 1 00 

Rebecca Warren 25 

Miss Minnie Orr. 1 00 

W. T. Cobbs 1 00 

$25 27 

$ 9 25 
25 27 

Total from Individuals $ 34 52 

Total from Churches and Sunday Schools. 105 00 

Total Pledged and Collected $139 52 

The reports on Education were then adopted, as follows: 

Report on Ministerial Education. 

This Association has, by its past action, emphasized its opinion on 
this pubject of ministerial education. She has assisted in the education 
of n.any young ministers. There has not been a year since 1879, nearly 
twei *y years ago, that the Association has not raised a fund to aid young 
mini vters in securing an education. In 1879, at the session of the Asso- 
ciate n at Bethel Church, Lawrence connty, a Board of Ministerial 
Edu ation was appointed, whose duty it was to search out young men. 
who had the ministry in view, and who were approved by their 
churches, and to raise money from the churches to aid such young men 
in obtaining an education. That Board has been continued up to the 
present time. Two hundred and sixty-five dollars were pledged by the 
churches for ministerial education at that meeting. 

Since that time, the Board of Ministerial Education has expended 
more than $1,500 for this object. Within the last four or five years the 

?led ,es made for this object have amounted to about $200 annually, 
hit action of the Association shows what she thinks of Ministerial 
Edu ation, and her duty to aid in the good work. There are, however, 
some of our churches who never contribute anything to this object, and. 
some brethren who oppose it. For their sakes we present a few argu- 
ments in favor of Ministerial Education, and we kindly ask them to give 
these arguments careful consideration. 


First — He who preaches to others must himself be taught in the Word, 
and be able to teach that which he has learned. God calls men to 
preach, but they must prepare themselves for the work. He does not 
make special revelation to any man. He has given them his Word, and 
they must study it. Education is the training of the mind to think, 
and: it prepares one to express his thoughts in proper language; it also 
enables one to better understand that which he reads. If the preacher, 
by securing an education, can better understand the Bible, and become 
a more effective preacher than he otherwise would be without an educa- 
tion, then he ought to have an education. 

Second — Many young men who are called of God to preach, have had 
no educational advantages. They have not had the financial means to 
secure an education. They feel the want of it, and realize that they 
could accomplish more for the cause of Christ if they had an education. 
Is it not the duty of the churches of Christ to help such young men to 
secure an education? We think it is. If it is their duty to send the gos- 
pel to the heathen, or to have it preached at home, then it is equally 
their duty to aid those who are called to preach the gospel to become 
effective ministers. We see no difference in the obligations. If it is 
binding in the one case, it is equally so in the other. 

Third — The times and our surroundings require that we shall have an 
educated ministry. The teacher must keep ahead of his pupils, or he 
will prove a failure. The preacher must keep ahead of his people, or 
he will cease to interest them. Our people are advancing in knowledge. 
The rising generation will be ahead of the present generation, because 
of their peculiar and increased advantages. There will be more edu- 
cated people in the next decade in our country than there has ever been 
before. The pulpit must be in advance in order to hold its own. Bap- 
tist preachers, with the truth as they hold it, educated, and God-fearing 
men, need not fear of success in the propagation of their doctrines. We 
have schools in which our young ministers can be prepared. It is the 
duty of the churches to see that their young ministers attend those 

Lastly, when we contribute of our means to assist our young minis- 
ters in obtaining an education, we are casting our bread upon the waters 
to be gathered in the future in a tenfold ratio. These young men will go 
out as teachers of morality and religion. They will be instruments by 
which thousands will be brought to Christ. They will help to make the 
world better, and they will return to the churches that aided them in 
their contributions and influence, and in the building up of the general 
cause of Christianity, a thousand fold more than was ever given them. 
That church or brother who refuses to aid such a cause as this, is casting 
away from them a most precious privilege. The Saviour's words are 
certainly true in this regard: "It is more blessed to give than to receive." 
Respectfully submitted, Jos. Shackelford, Chairman. 

Report on Education, 

The subject of the development and educatiou of the children and the 
youths of our people, is one that is fraught with great responsibility, 
and should be full of great concern. Never in the history of this great 
country, of which we so justly boast, has there been a time when such 
a powerful demand was made on our people to lead out and press for- 
ward to the true education of the rising generation of this nation. 
Questions of great moment — questions of wonderful magnitude — are to 
confront the nation, and we, as a denomination, must look well to the 
intellectual training of our children, as well as to the moral and physical 
development. The time (thank the Lord) is here when the great ma- 
jority of this commonwealth are hunting Christian men and Christian 
women to educate their sons and daughters. We, as a people, as a 



nation, must see to it that our children go under the instruction of godly 
men and godly women. We want our children educated not only in the 
text-1 ooks— not only intellectually — but on all lines that will make them 
true citizens. To this end, we have some excellent institutions. The 
Howard College, at East Lake, Ala., stands as a monument to the energy 
and sacrifice of noble men and women of the Baptist denomination.' 
The J idson, at Marion, Alabama, stands beckoning the girls and young 
ladies of our denomination to its classic halls. The North Alabama 
Bapt ; .« Collegiate Institute, at Danville, is doing a great work in getting 
our >oys and girls ready for the great duties of life. These schools 
ougl to be encouraged and fostered by the Baptists of this State. As a 
den> mi nation, we are too careless about giving to these schools that 
sym^ athy and that patronage which they justly merit. 

Respectfully submitted, J. C. Tidwbll, ChairmatL 

Location of the Next Association. 

The subject of the place where the next Association should be held 
came up according to previous arrangement. The following churches 
were put in nomination in the order as named: Mt. Pisgah, Macedonia, 
in Fr mklin, Okolona, and Falkville. On taking the vote, a majority of 
the v. 'legates cast their votes for Okolona; so Okolona was selected as 
the »urch with which the next Association should be held, and on 
moti n, Thursday before the first Sabbath in October, was appointed as 
the me. 

Trustees of Danville School. 

The Committee appointed to suggest names of three Trustees for the 
Danv lie school, to fill the places of those Trustees whose term expires 
at th session, reported, recommending G. C. Hardwick, J. G. Orr and 
F. H Orr, which report was adopted. 

Th< Finance Committee made their report which was adopted, with 
the understanding that the Clerk make such corrections as may be 
necessary. (See report on page 35.) 

Orphans' Home. 

Th< Committee on Orphans' Home made their report, and a subscrip- 
tion x r the Home was taken, amounting to $5.30 cash, and pledges 
amou ting to $3.50: From Dr. E. D. Stephenson and wife, $2 50, and 
W. D Irwin, $1. The report was then adopted, as follows: 

We y :>ur Committee on Orphans' Home, ask your consideration of 
the fc lowing: The Orphans' Home is an institution for which the Bap- 
tists i ' the State should be very grateful to God Its Financial Secre- 
tary, iro. J. W. Stewart, with faith and zeal, has made it the refuge of 
the h< neless and parentless. It has received since opening, March 10, 
1893, MJ children from the various counties of the State. About 55 re- 
main n the Home, the others having been adopted and apprenticed. 
The t lildren are taught to do all kinds of domestic work. They are 
also st it to literary and Sunday School, and church; thus training them 
mentf ly, morally and physically. The Home enjoys splendid recent 
improvements, affording ample accommodation, with a cost of $3,500. 
A current debt remains of about $500. If we respond liberally to the 
appeal, of Bro. Stewart, the Home will be dedicated the 20th of Octo- 



ber, free of debt. Let the pastors and Sunday School Superintendents 
encourage this great work. "Cast thy bread upon the waters, for thou 
shalt find it after many days." Respectfully submitted, 

Marion Briscoe, Chairman. 


The report on Temperance was read by Bro. J. C. Orr, and adopted, as 

The discussion of the Temperance question is getting to be a back 
number, yet there is a great deal of trouble on that line. The fellow 
who is doing the dirty work in this country is not the old sot, who has 
lost his influence, but it is the nice, genteel fellow, that belongs to some- 
body's church. He goes in and takes a drink, and goes on, saying, I 

take a drink when I feel like it, but it never hurts me. 

J. C. Orb. 

Sunday Schools. 

The report on Sunday Schools was read by Bro. T. H. Johnson, and 
after some discussion by Bros. Jos. Shackelford and J. C Orr, was 

Your Committee on Sunday Schools beg leave to report: Last year, of 
the 50 churches represented in this body, 81 reported Sunday Schools, 
with a membership of 1,439. Two of the Schools gave no statistics. This 
year, out of 48 churches represented, 33 report Schools, with a member- 
ship of 1 , 304. Four of the Schools gave no statistics. From these reports 
it is clearly seen that we are not making the progress in the Sunday School 
work that we ought to make. A few of the churches report summer 
Schools, but go into winter quarters. This should not be the case. 
Religion will stand cold as well as heat, hence these Schools should be 
continued the whole year. We are fearful that the churches do not 
take that interest in Sunday School work that they should take. Our 
Sunday Schools would become a power for the dissemination of the 
Word of God, if conducted properly. We urge each School to send a 
full report of its work, that we may know what our denomination is 
doing along this line. We would also recommend the literature of the 
Southern Baptist Convention, published at Nashville, Tenn., as cheap, 
plain, simple, and well adapted to our needs. We believe that Baptists 
should attend Baptist schools, and use Baptist literature. We oppose 
union schools, and believe their teachings to be erroneous. As Baptists, 
let up support Baptist Sunday Schools. 

Respectfully submitted, R. L Quinn, Chairman. 

Bro. J. Shackelford presented the claims of the Sunday School Board 
at Nashville, and urged the brethren to send to it for Sunday School 

Treasurer's Report. 

Bro. W. D. Irwin, Treasurer of the Association, made his report, 
uich was adopted, as follows: 

W. D. Irwin, Treasurer, 

In Account vrith Muscle Shoals Association. 

. ^pt. 30, To balance on hand $117 83 

Ojt. 2, To Cash from Finance Committee 332 00 

C:t. 3, •■■ " Finance Committee 79 80 

Cct. 4, " " Sunday's Collections. 7 91 

( "t 4, " " Courtland Church Fund, hltml 16 00 

( ct. 4, " " Jos. Shackelford's pledge 5 00 

Oct. 4, - " Danville Church 10 09 

Oct. 4, " " Central Church, New Decatur.. 4 59 

Ot. 4, " " First Church, Decatur 3 98 

< "t. 4, " " Pleasant Grove Church 5 00 

( ct. 4, " " Somerville Church 2 43 

' ct. 4, " " Danville Sunday School 1 50 

< -t. 4, " " New Hope Church (F M.) 3 25 

N >v. 24, " •« Okolona Church (Min. Ed )... 150 

T-c. 21, " " Decatur Church (F. M.) 3 12 

1 c 21, " " Bethany Church (F. M.) 65 


J u. 15, " " L. A Wear (F. M.) 50 

-an. 28, " " Okolona Church (Min. Ed.)... 130 

Feb. 10, " " L. A. Wear (F. M.) 150 

Mar. It, " " Okolona Church (F. M.) 71 

Mar. 23, " " Danville Church 2 60 

Sept. 9, " " Harmony Church 3 88 

£ >t. 13, " " New Hope Church 1 45 

6« )t 27, " " F. C. Owen, bequest 20 00— $ 626 59 

io97 Ca. 

C< t. 3, By Am't paid J. M. Roberts, on Salary $ 74 00 

Oct. 3, " " J. O. A Pace, on Salary 23 00 

Oct. 3, " " Ministerial Ed. Board 48 05 

Oct. 3, " « Clerk's Fee 25 00 

C A 4, " " Jos. Shackelford, Salary 32 59 

< 'cu 4, " " Jos. Shackelford, W. on Siltry 9 41 

<- t. 14, " " State Mission Board 14 50 

Oi k 14, " «« Home Mission Board. 18 35 

Ol 14, " " Foreign Mission Board 82 10 

Oot 14, « " Orphan's Home 4 19 

K v. 27, " " Jos. Shackelford, Salary 40 00 

F iv. 27, " " Postage 10 

T«c. 21, " " Jos. Shackelford, on Salary 16 00 


M: r. 14, *• •* J. D. McClanahan, on Salary... 20 00 

Fir. 14, " " Postage, 10c., liiiitfn«lBi $2 80; 2 92 

A ril25, " " Jos. Shackeltord, on Salary 20 00 

May 5, " " J O. A. Pace, on Salary 10 00 

May 23, " " Jos. Shackelford, on Salary 2 66 

July 21, " " J. O A. Pace, on Salary 26 00 

Aug. 2, " " J. O. A. Pace, on Salary 27 00 

S..u. 13, " " J. O. A. Pace, on Salary 22 00 

£ pt. 30, By balance on hand 108 72— $ 626 59 


The Committee on Nominations made their report which was adopted, 
as follows: 

Your Committee on nominations would recommend the re-election of 
the old Executive Board; also, the re-election of the old Board of minis- 
terial Education. 

We nominate Eld. Jos. Shackelford to preach the Introductory Ser- 
mon at our next Association, and Eld. R. T. Ware as his alternate. 

Eespecifully submitted, J. L Stockton, 

w " ■ G. H. Hughks, 

Wm. East. 

The names of the Boards appear on first page of the cover. 

Report on Colportage. 
The Committee on Colportage made their report, which was adopted, 
as follows: , 

Your Committee on Colportage feel themselves altogether inadequate 
to the task of reporting to this body the magnitude of the needed work, 
and the crying demand for purely Baptist literature within our bounds. 
We do not believe that any other question surpasses this one in impor- 
tance. The membership in our churches aggregate about 3,000. A large 
per cent, of this number need to be indoctrinated in the great truths 
that Christ gave for our edification. The pastor of a church may be well 
informed, and have the gift of imparting information to his hearers, but 
it is utterly impossible for him to reach the members who do not attend 
church, and most of our churches have preaching but once a month, 
which gives the pastor but one hour in thirty days of twenty-four hours 
each, to instruct nis people. Hence, it is clear to our minds that the 
very best thing we can do is to circulate Bibles and good books among 
our people, by the reading of which they, in a few years, would become 
strong in "the faith once delivered to the Saints;" and not only so, but 
be able to defend the same. We recommend, as did the Committee on 
this work one year ago, that the Association instruct the Executive 
Board to furnish our Missionaries the necessary funds for this work. 

J. I. Stockton, 
T. H. Johnson, 
J. G. Orb. 

Minutes and Clerk's Fee. 

Bro. R. T. Wear introduced the following resolution, which was 

Resolved, That the Clerk have 1,000 copies of the minutes printed, and 
that he superintend the distribution of the same, and that he be paid 
$25 for his services. 

Resolution of Thanks. 
Bro. J. S. Gibson offered the following resolution, which was adopted: 
Resolved, That we, the delegates of the Muscle Shoals Association, ten- 
der to Enon Church and community our heartfelt thanks for their kind 
hospitality while in their midst. 

Division of Funds. 

Bro. Shackelford offered the following resolution, which was adopted: 

Resolved, That the Treasurer of the Association is hereby instructed 

to send what moneys he may receive from the churches for Foreign, 

Home and State Missions directly to the State Mission Board, Mont- 


■ornery, Ala. ; r nd, in addition to the amounts which the churches have 
directed to be sent to their different Boards, and have already sent them, 
the Treasurer ia hereby directed to send to the Slate Mission Board a 
sufficient sum to make the contribution from this Association amount to 
at least $100 U the State Mission Board, $75 to the Foreign Mission 
Board, and $f to the Home Mission Board, at Atlanta, Ga. 

Bro. W. 1 . Wright made some explanation of the amount that the 
Executive B »»rd had promised to give to New Friendship Church to 
help her pa her pastor, and the conditions, and said that the church 
had not complied with the conditions as yet, but thought she would 
do so. 

On motion, the Executive Board was instructed to pay Bro. Wright in 
proportion to the amount paid by the church, of the $35 required. 

Standing Committees, 
The Modi tor announced the following Standing Committees: 
Association ' Mixtion*— M. Briscoe, W. E. Wright, Peter Clay. 
Slate Mimo s— J. D. McQanahan, Rush Stockton, J. M. Chenauh. 
Home Jfiamt..>M— J. I. Stockton, J. T. Wallace, Louis Stubbs. 
Foreign Mi* ion*— J. Gunn, G. W. Hargett, T. H. Johnson. 
Education- Jos Shackelford, J. S. Gibson, J. J. Sandlin. 
Ministerial adacation—K J. Barksdale, L A. Wear, R M. Striekler. 
Orphan* h >me— A. W. Briscoe, T L. Simpson, T. N. Vinson. 
Temperate -J. C. Orr, Willie S. Howell, E. D. Stephenson. 
Golporiage- A. W. Bailey, R L. Quinn, F. H. Orr. 
Sunday Sckjol*—T. V. Shoemaker, J. W. Livingston, J. J. Church well. 

The busim as of the Association having been concluded, on motion, it 
adjourned U meet with Okolona Church, Lawrence county, Ala., on 
Thursday be- ore the first Sabbath in October, 1899. 

After sing ng a hymn and giving the parting hand, prayer was made 
by Bro. E D. Stephenson. W. T. COBBS, Moderator. 

Jos. Shackklford, Clerk. 

Sunday's Services. 
The Devot >nal Committee appointed services for Sunday as follows: 

At 9 o'clock a. m , Sunday School Meeting, to be addressed by Eld. 
A. W. Briscoe and others. 
11:00 a. m —Preaching by Eld. R T Wear, at Enon. 
11 :00 a m.— Preaching by J. O. A. Pace, at Danville. 
7:30 r. m — Preaching by W. T. Cobbs, at Danville. 

These brethren preached. At Enon there was a vast crowd; not more 
than one-third could get into the house. The public collection amounted 
to $4.57. We trust good was done through the preached word. 



















! £ 



It 6 00* * 


Ctranr BHL.... 
Omtn Grove... 


Otntw. Kiat 



Mt ta (£» ... 
Mk Mate IF) - 
Mt Mo (M)_ 
lit Hob* 

XtmltoB Height*... 

New r wwpw ct 

New Deaktar, Rnt... 
Sew Oe»tte_ 




it Grove — . 



Rocky Creek. 


She*! Creak 

Towr* Creek S. 8. 

IfenTilfe S. 8~ 

L- A S., RaMeUvilte 

A. W. Mm. 

J.T. WaOeee 

State nBi— „..„ 

W. R. Frailer 

Dr. J. M. Kitcaeae... 

HartosUe 3. S 

J. O. A. Pace 
R I. Wear.... 

14 s; 




on t 



i a 

$17 50 $70 07 


11 01 


$19 01 $ 5 00 $77 45 

8 00 

3 10 

T I 





6 00 

3 9S 


"4 88 

$11 OS 



Cash and Vouchers 

Received fob Cash 

State Mission* $ 17 50 

Home Missions 19 01 

Foreign Missions 77 46 

Association^ Missions 261 80 

Ministerial Education 34 98 

Orphans' Home '9 66 

Minutes.... 27 98 

Ministers' Institute 



$ 70 97 

$ 88 47 

6 00 

24 01 

11 06 

88 61 

32 28 

283 68 

101 64 

136 62 

24 60 

34 16 

27 98 

16 24 

15 24 

$260 69 

$698 57 

ve received 

cash and 

$437 88 

The Finance Committee report that they 
voucher-; as above, and have paid over to the Treasurer — 

Cash $420 09 

Paid Treasurer by Decatur Church . . 3 50 

Collections on Sabbath, paid Treasurer 5 09 

Collections for Orphans' Home 5 65 

Minute Money from Salem Church, paid Clerk 40 

By error 3 14 

$437 88 

H. B. Ikwin, ") 

Wm. East, V Committee. 

J. C. Tidwbi.1^ j 

Note. — Finance Committee made some mistake in putting vouchers 
in cash column, but I am not able to detect it. — Clerk. 


























































* 1 























• 600 





$. $~ 

$. $~ 



1 00 


$ 50 




2 00 




$ 6 60 

1 66 

2 60 

3 80 

558 49 

6 00 

24 55 

125 18 

$ 400 00 

300 00 

2 00 

3 00 

400 00 

300 00 

14 57 

5 00 

6 00 



*3 89 

27 65 

t2u 6b 

9 63 

338 68 

- 37 50 

120 78 

6,000 00 

3 80 

2 00 

3 00 

400 00 

1 02 

6 40 



20 00 
40 00 


20 00 

200 00 

13 42 

10 00 

1,200 00 

400 00 

2 75 

•6 00 

2 50 



160 00 
50 00 

76 00 
30 00 

22 57 

266 07 
93 66 

3,000 00 


7 76 

500 00 

200 00 

2 00 

10 00 

4 00 

2 00 
102 50 

4 40 

6 53 

6 13 
16 76 
21 50 
77 62 

6 00 
72 24 

104 12 

2 00 

4 60 

20 00 

56 26 

26 00 

136 80 


6 66 

2 50 

1 76 

342 76 

58 92 

18 99 

270 60 

6 60 
8 70 

7 60 
58 10 


7 00 

1 ou 

29 66 

14 36 

260 00 

1 00 

1 50 


1 OC 


50 00 

25 00 

16 00* 

400 00 

50 00 

(inm Snrirur (M\ 


3 10 

60 00 


3 88 

3 16 
20 00 

1 (0 




5 00 

5 00 
10 20 
19 00 

7 00 
2 CO 

400 90 


2 65 


1,800 00 


6 00 

7 00 

19 52 

1,000 00 

2 24 

1 00 

1 00 


1 00 

56 00 

300 00 

700 00 

260 00 

3 12 

6 88 

J10 00 

3 12 

76 00 

1,000 00 

Moulton Heights... 
Mt Zion (ST) - 

1 00 

1 00 

260 00 

Mt Hon (L\ 

1 00 

19 00 

6 00 

3 00 

250 00 

Mt. Nebo (Jn .. 

1,000 00 

35 00 

15 00 

1 26 

500 00 

18 75 


6 00 

12 60 
1 00 
1 00 

1 00 


1 00 


: 50 


1 41 

1 12 

1 00 

1 60 


60 00 

50 00 

11 56 

850 00 

1 45 

50 00 

1 00 

2 00 

2 00 

275 an 

300 00 

3 96 

160 00 

New Decatur, First 

14 94 

11 01 

10 00 

16 00 


10 00 

2 80 

3 00 
5 00 

2 19 

3 01 

19 10 

200 00 
40 00 

50 00 

18 14 
2 00 
6 13 

39 00 

850 00 

300 00 

1 86 


425 00 


7 38 

12 62 
5 00 

5 00 

5 00 



13 3£ 

6 00 

200 00 

1,500 00 

Bockv Creek . 

1 71 

200 00 

4 85 


1 74 

200 00 

2 60 

1 90 

Shady Grove 




1 00 


60 00 

1 60 

650 00 


1 00 



100 00 

Pleasant mil (M) .. 
Pleasant Hill (L) ... 

400 00 

Town Creek 

1 21 

•2 60 

fl2 60 

2 60 

800 00 


ni ii i 


2 00 


117 50 

170 97 

$19 01 

$5 00 

$09 98 

$11 Of 

1$ 221 24 

$44 78 

$1 71 

$33 62 

$96 44 

$16 2C 

$4 01 

$24 5C 

>$27 9S 

$ 1,248 A8<$ 407 5C 

$276 4S 

$2,696 25 

$ 28,250 00 


359 5C 

128 96 

28 51 

13 5( 

10 6C 

11 61 
5 6? 

- 1 71 
16 2( 

gOf thte amount, $6.00 was given by Bro. J. 6. Orr, In memory of his daughter, Miss Glen Orr. 
' She loved the cause of Christ while she lived, and was a faithful worker. 

Total Money for ( 
Individuals, for M 

Orphans' Horn* 

1 1 This church has a parsonage. 

Individual for Ml 

1 *Sunday School. 

1 Includes $5.00 from Sunday School. 

Ministers' Institn 

flncludes $2.50 from N. T. W. 

tA Wnrl 



576 If 



3 J 




BellTiew (a) 
Blue Spring 
Cen. Mew 
Centre Grove .. 

Cherry Hill 


Decatur, First 


Etha i .. 



Qum Spring ... 
Gum Spring ... 









Mission Grove .... 

Moulton , 

Monlton Heights 

Mt. Hope.. 

fMt. Zion 

Mt. Zion ..... 

Mt. Nebo 

Mt Nebo ., 

Mt. Pisgah 

New Hope 

New Prospect 

New Friendship.. 

New Centre. 

New Decatur, First 


Pleasant Grove 

t Prospect 

Rocky Creek... 



Shady Grove... 
Shoal Creek ... 
Pleasant Hill .. 
Pleasant Hill .. 
Town Creek .... 
Trinity -... 


Lawrence .. 
Lawrence .. 





Franklin ... 



Lawrence .. 






Morgan ..... 



Franklin ... 
Lawrence . 
Lawrence . 
Morgan .... 
Lawrence . 
Lawrence . 
Morgan .... 
Morgan .... 
Franklin ... 
Morgan .... 
Morgan .... 
Morgan .... 
Morgan .... 
Morgan .... 
Franklin ... 
Morgan .... 
Morgan .... 
Morgan .... 
Morgan .... 
Morgan .... 
Lawrence . 
Lawrence . 
Morgan .... 


J I Stockton 

J R Blackman 

J Gunn 

J B Weaver. 

No Pastor 


J D McClanahan.. 

J A Pace . .. 

Joe Shackelford .. . . 

TF Hendon 

J D McClanahan . 
J A Perkins ........ 

M Briscoe , 

W T Cobbs 

J E Roan.. .... 

J R Blackman .... 

L A Wear , 

M Briscoe 

AW Briscoe 


R L Quinn 

J D McClanahan. 

J I 8tockton 

BT Wear 

No pastor.. 

No pastor 

J Gunn . 

R T Wear „ 

J D Dawson ....... 

W T Cobbs. 

RT Wear 

M Briscoe 

J R Blackman .. 
J J Chnrchwell 

WE Wright 

W E Wright 

J B Kilpatrick .. 

L A Wear 

J J Churchwell 

J E Roan.. 

J Evans 

J E Weaver. 

L A Wear , 

JE Roan.. 

J I Stockton 

J E Roan 

J Gunn 

R M Atkins.. 

R T Wear 

J I Stockton 


J C Love .... 

J W Owens 

W R Crow _ — 

W J Weaver. 

W T Collier. 

J no A Thomaaon... 

M WKatUff 

E R Richeraon 

John Hampton 

L R Day ~. 

J T Wallace 

M L Mason 

E W Roden 

T L Simpson 

E J Parnell 

W H Mutton.... — . 

JohnS Howell 


W R Aycock 

E P Johnson 

J T Jackson ....... 

H J Thomaaon 

J Washburn 

F F Elkins. , 

John Yates.. 

HB Irwin 

W H Gordon , 

Geo W Jackson .... 

J H Butler 

W H H Thompson 

BB Gibson 


H A McCIeUan .... 

M K Crow 

M A Masterson .... 
W J Blankenship . 

J W Maples. 

F Utter: 

R L Bond 

M C Bragg 

J E Leeman 

Peter Clay 

J C Allison 

H E Weatherwax , 

J E Weaver. „. 

J A Moore 

J L Wright 

G W Russell 

J W Tyler |. 

Jno M Jackson 

B Gillent in.. 



Town Craek 



Price ville.. 


Centre Grove 





Fall Creek 















New Decatur , 

Mt. Hops 




Hargett's Mills... 






New Decatur 





Lawrence Cove... 






Mountain Home 

Mt. Hope 






-{No Report from this Church this year. fThis Church granted a letter. ( (a) New i 
Schools. There are perhaps one or two others that have Schools, that do not report them* S £y 



report Sunday